Sunday, October 23, 2016


Sunday, October 23, 2016

I painted these circles with random watercolour techniques with no point of it in mind and decided to just share them on my Instagram and blog without much explanation as this sudden project was random. But, as I'm typing this, it just struck me how circles can mean so much things like the circle of life and growing older- and I can't help but be nostalgic.

They say that the only constant thing in this world is change and right now in my life, there are so much changes going on. As a person whom usually hates change, it's really quite unsettling for me. I'm just starting to miss my old routines and living life as how it used to be. So much good childhood memories had been made and it just seems so hard to let go. As I am growing up and looking back at these old memories, it's really saddening to realise how some of those things and people that made my childhood so great isn't in my life anymore. May it be an old routine or a friend that's drifted apart. It's also pretty sad to realise that I'm getting older and life will change even more, there are almost no constants anymore. It's like one thing can be there for a moment and in the next, it's gone.

They do say that everything happens for a reason and I am in the process of learning how to accept this change and I'm starting to realise that we shouldn't live in the past anymore and make the most out of the present. We should make memories that we can look back to.
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