Thursday, April 21, 2016

Custom Avatars For Sale!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello everyone! As some of you know- I've been interested in graphic designing for quite some time now. (Check out my online portfolio to see more of my works!) For the past months, I've been creating a variety of things, but the idea of making custom avatars only came to me earlier. 

For a cheap price of 3 USD, you can have your own custom avatar too! It's really cute, unique and it's perfect to use for a profile photo- or maybe you can use it for your blog as well! It will be based off a picture you will send me once you have paid (I will discuss the payment process with your through email!). Then you can also make requests about the background and anything else. 

The package will come with:
-a JPEG file (your avatar + any background that you want)
-a PNG file (your avatar with a transparent background) 

Please email me at if you're interested!

Here is a sample: 
(The watermark will not be included, of course!)

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Iceland 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello everyone! As I mentioned in my previous post, my next post would be about my trip to Iceland, so here it is! Iceland is probably one of the most beautiful and unique places I've ever been in- you can experience all four seasons in one day! We stayed here for about 8 days- and it was probably the most adventurous 8 days of my life by far. We explored Iceland in a circle- we arrived at Reykjavik (the only considered city of Iceland, which we weren't able to have a tour in) then from there we went to the different parts of Iceland, then by the end of the tour, we went back to Reykjavik to leave for London. (Which we were in for 4 days, but I won't make a blog post for it anymore since we mostly just went shopping since we went there 3 years ago and had the tour back then. Hahaha.) So anyways, here's my trip in a nutshell! And to be completely honest, I wasn't really able to catch some of the names of the places we visited so I won't be listing them down anymore. 

The geyser:

The first waterfall we went to:

Our first lunch in Iceland- a very filling salad in Hotel Ranga:

Another stunning waterfall, with rainbows:

For this shot, I had to climb up- but I didn't climb up all the way anymore and see the back of the waterfall because I was already starting to get kind of scared. (Hahaha)

The well known and breathtaking Black Sand Beach:

The glaciers:

Some mackerel fish for appetizer:

The lamb for the main course:

More glaciers (If I'm not mistaken):
Oh and we also climbed a not so steep mountain and there was a great view from there.

Another waterfall (Yup, there are a lot of waterfalls):

It's like every turn there's a beautiful sight to see.

A snowy day:

On Saturday, we went for a bath in the hot springs.

On Sunday we weren't able to go to much places anymore since it was Easter Sunday and most of the places were closed, so we went to this Seal Museum.  (And I have to say that seals may be my new favourite animals! lol!)

A small, old and lovely church:

A fjord we passed by:

In this part, we went down to see (not surprisingly) another breathtaking view!

On Monday, we went on a walk (which went in a circle) which was supposedly short, but then it was really cold that day so it seemed twice as long than it should've been hahaha.

For our last stop- we were able to overlook the border and then we also walked around the places near it. 

So that was about it for our trip to Iceland, it was definitely a trip that was unforgettable!


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Monday, April 11, 2016

Copenhagen 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello everyone! Here is the promised blog post about my trip to Copenhagen (the one about Iceland will be up soon!) We were only here for about 2 and a half days, so there aren't really much pictures. The first full day was a tour around the gorgeous city and the second was just a free day, so we just roamed around. Oh, and I was finally able to bring my camera (Nikon D3300) so the quality of pictures are finally better! Anyways, here's a glimpse of my stay at Copenhagen.

Here was the gorgeous view outside of our hotel room (The Copenhagen Admiral Hotel): 

The inside of our hotel room:

Some pictures I took while I was just walking around:


The world famous Little Mermaid statue: 

The changing of the guards by the Amalienborg palace:

The Amalienborg Palace:

For lunch, we ate at the Royal Smushi Cafe, it served delicious unique dishes that can probably only be found there.


For the second day, we were just roaming around- so we started it off by visiting the National Museum of Denmark.

Here is the Christiansborg Palace:

I had this delicious pizza for lunch.

Then followed by some ice cream for dessert. 

Nyhavn is a 17th century waterfront, canal and entertainment district, if you come to Copenhagen, it's almost impossible to miss it out!

Over all, even if our stay at Copenhagen was short, we still had a pleasant time! I wouldn't mind coming back to this colourful city! :)


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