Saturday, November 28, 2015

Food Trips

Saturday, November 28, 2015
Hello everyone! I'm finally a teen! And even if it's already late November here in Manila, the weather still feels like Summer (*crying*), tell me in the comments below, how's the weather like in your country? So we recently had short breaks and which I spent watching chick flicks, oh well. HAHAHAH. But not only that- I always went on tons of road trips (where I obviously ate a lot) Anyways, since I couldn't really find anything to write about as of now- I bring you a blog post filled with my favourite topic- FOOD!

Over the course of my series of food trips- we ate at Bistro Charlemagne, Breakfast At Antonio's and Gumbo. Unfortunately, since I took these pictures quite about a month ago, I can't remember the names of the food anymore! :( Anyways, stay tuned- I'll be posting soon again!

All photos by Kathrynne Yu.

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