Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Essentials

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Hello everyone! Fall- not only is it one of the most praised seasons but I also personally think that it's the time where the best clothes or accessories are worn. So, here are some of my fall essentials! I hope you guys like it. 

First up, The Black Tux- tuxedo and suit rentals. Higher quality, lower price.

Since a lot of weddings happen during Fall, I figured that The Black Tux would be helpful to all wedding goers or even the grooms themselves. Not only do they rent tuxedos and suits, they sell a variety of accessories as well. I highly recommend this to all, it really would come in handy. 

Second on our list, are colors!

When you put together an outfit, or plan events (like weddings, birthdays, etc.) you would need a suitable color scheme if you really want it to blend in with Fall.

Plum (which I am totally loving right now!)

Gold can never be old.


The third and final on our list are accessories!

Beanies, scarves and statement necklaces are the accessories I recommend for you guys this fall! They will always spice up your outfit, guaranteed. 

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