Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bohemian Chic

Thursday, July 23, 2015
Hello everyone! I am so sorry this post came later than usual- it's just that I've just been really busy with school and haven't found much time to blog, but here I am (YAY!) 

Bohemian chic, or boho chic for short- it's undeniably one of the biggest trends lately, so I thought, why not put outfits together that are boho chic? Although, I myself am not an expert when it comes to this style, so I really hope that these outfits I've put together will be categorised under boho chic, but from what I know, it's all about being carefree, fun and stunning! (Which I think is amazing)

Here are some of the outfits I've put together, hope this inspires you! (Follow my Polyvore)

An outfit is never complete without a flower crown. 

Let me know in the comments below, which was YOUR favourite outfit from this post?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Live a Healthier Life

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Hello everyone! In celebration of National Girlfriend's Day on August 1st, I've been introduced to Oscar (go check out their website!) with their infographic and I've decided to give you tips on how to live a healthier life. They are a tech-based health insurance company concentrating on making healthcare an easy, stress-free process along with helping their members stay proactive about their health. For their incentive program they give their members a free Misfit band to set their own goals and sync it to the Oscar app. Every day they hit those goals they earn $1 a day in cash rewards! If you're interested in finding more, check out their individual health insurance plans. Remember, health is one of the most important things there is to have in life. Even if you have tons of cash in your bank, but terrifyingly unhealthy, that money is worthless. So here it goes- how to live a healthier life.

#1 Don't be sleep deprived.
Sure, you might have that big test coming up tomorrow. But think of it, when it's already the big day, you won't be able to think properly and still be tired.

#2 Find time to go to the gym.
I know, exercise- ugh, but trust me, all that hard work will pay off. You won't regret it.

#3 Eat healthier foods.
Try to eat vegetables, fruits and cut down on the junk food too. You know what they say, you are what you eat, so might as well be a positive one right? (Hahahaha...)

#4 Stay hydrated.
Drink more water and less on the soft drinks and cola- they have too much sugar.

#5 Use less technology.
Being too attached to your gadgets is unhealthy too, even if it looks harmless. It could cause a really big medical problem. Try to socialise & interact with people that you are actually with.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

5 GIFs We Can All Relate To

Thursday, July 9, 2015
Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated my blog recently, I've been really busy with school and overall just procrastinating. Today, I'll be doing something I've never done before- a gif compilation! Yay! I personally really love gifs, they're quick, funny (well most of the time), and totally relatable. So, I present to you (drum roll please) "5 Gifs We Can All Relate To" I hope it makes your day a little bit better! For sure, I'll be doing more in the future, I had tons of fun making this one. :)

No doubt, Sheldon is everyone's spirit animal when it's finally the weekend.

via Giphy

When you finally get to eat after what seemed like an eternity.

via Giphy

That moment when you finish your favourite TV series.

via Giphy

When you genuinely just do not get a lesson, no matter how many different ways or times your teacher explains it. 

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When you fail a test you've studied really hard for.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Motivation For July

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Hello everyone! Wow, it's July already. I just remembered writing a blog post welcoming June like yesterday. I haven't really done a blog post on inspirational quotes in a long time and I've just realised that I should do it more often. Here are some quotes I found on Pinterest and I put the meanings on some of them too. Hope you guys have an awesome month!

You'll know who your real friends are when you become yourself.

Money isn't everything.

You can't please everyone, and that's completely normal.

Your dreams can never be too big.

You only have one life, might as well make it joyful!

How your day goes is YOUR CHOICE! It's your perspective.

Pictures from Pinterest.

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