Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ask a Blogger Part 3

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This part's question is "How do you deal with writer's block?"

-Blast some music and do a little yoga.
-Read some recent posts by my favorite bloggers for inspiration.
-Turn to my favorite networks and ask for what they'd like to see.
I also don't really mind when I miss a day or two in between posts because I'd rather post something I really like instead of something I'm not so sure of.

Syaza Suhana
Well for me personally, I would go onto Pinterest and try to find some ideas from there. Sometimes I would read a book or watch TV or go and read peoples' blogs just to get some ideas. I would also list down ideas that might work according to my blog niche, which I always end up being random haha. 

Tatum Murray
The best way to deal with writer's block is to recognize it and not try to push things that aren't coming. There are just some days when the words aren't flowing and no matter how long I sit at my computer, it's just not going to happen. I deal with this by taking a break--whether it be 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days (depending on the deadline). It's also super important to not get down on yourself when you have writer's block. It happens to everyone and it's only temporary. I know that I owe it to myself and my readers to produce the best writing that I can, so it's important to wait through writer's block to get the good content flowing. 

Kenzie Negron
I personally deal with writer’s block by continuously looking at other blogs. Sometimes I’ll just go to a blog that I know is very popular and gets a lot of views/comments and from there, I’ll go through the comments and take a look at it all the commenters blogs. For me, the feeling of wanting to write and become a better blogger comes from the inspiration I get from viewing other peoples blogs who I really enjoy.

Jessica Starks
I deal with writer's block by reading! If I can't figure out what I want to discuss in a post, I Google random topics, just to see what comes up - you never know what you'll run into! I also read the news and other blogs to catch some ideas as well.

Kelli Bhattacharjee
Since I blog about a myriad of topics including money saving tips, DIY ideas and other frugal living tricks, I simply think about what issues or problems I am having or my friends are having. That always gives me inspiration. 

UGH. Writer's block. What could be worse for a blogger (besides, of course, Wordpress going out of business or the internet crashing…. oh my G, knock on wood)?? For me, I've noticed it's best to not put too much pressure on myself in this type of situation, as that usually makes it MORE stressful. Who writes well & beautifully under pressure?? Not  I. When I'm suffering from writer's block, I'll go somewhere completely new, go out and take a long walk/go on a hike, have a drink with friends, or take a day or two off. These easy-going activities make me relaxed and inspired (usually) and ready to sit down and take on an article or two. Writer's block, terminated. 

Lysse Pier
Writers' Block is something I am often visited by.  One way I deal with it is getting inspiration.  I would take the opportunity when I'm out the house to look around and I'd look through different blogs and websites as well for a few ideas.  Another is changing the area where I write.  It's hard to concentrate if the work space is messy, small and near noise sources like the television so what I like to do is to either clean up, lower the noise, or move to a different location.  However, the one thing I do to avoid Writers' Block is to write about the things I love.  In my blog, I personally write about things I want to share to others and not about what everyone else seems to write about.  It's good to get inspiration from other blogs in times of Writers' Block but I always remind myself that this my blog, my ideas, and it's my outlet of expressing myself to others.

I deal with writer's block by changing my scenery, free writing, finding exciting things to write about, turning off my internet and writing (even if it's awful) until I feel a break through, and by reading books and magazines until I feel inspired.

As a blogger, I get stuck many times trying to think of quality content to write and post on my blog.  When I do have writer's block, I first turn to other bloggers and read their content, more so bloggers who aren't in the same niche as me so I can take my mind off what something I have been constantly looking at.  Secondly, I try to do activities outside of my blog, spend time with my family, go out for a drink, but I don't engage on the internet.  After a few days of a break, I usually am refreshed enough to have a lot of ideas to create amazing posts!

I think the best way to deal with writers block is to take a break. Get outside and soak up the sun, get your body moving and sweating, experience things outside of your office or apartment. Give yourself something to write about that is an experience. Break through.

I blog mostly about things me and my family do in our everyday lives so I generally just keep doing things when I hit writers block. I know that eventually I'll get it back if I just keep moving.

Sahar Sabati
I have to admit that being hit with writer's block always surprises me.  I mean, one would think that with the wealth of information, media, and conversations that surround me, I would never, ever run out of ideas!  But just like with any other blogger, it happens sometimes.  The way I deal with it depends on the reason for the block.  Sometimes I'm just tired; I'll get through the day with frequent short power breaks and coffee, then make sure to get a lot of sleep that night.  If I'm tired of writing, I do something that requires the use of my hands, which helps me switch off my writer's mind and focus on something else, giving said writer's mind the rest it needs.  I usually don't run out of ideas, but I do sometimes blank out; I have come to understand that this means I haven't done enough research on the matter, which usually settles the matter quite easily.  And worse comes to worse, I make sure to spend time with someone near and dear to me, which always makes everything better.

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