Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ask A Blogger Part 1

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hello everyone! I've decided to have this "Ask A Blogger" segment on my blog because I've seen something similar on another blog although I don't remember which blog. But, I really hope you enjoy this segment of my blog! Let me know if I should do more and if you'd like to participate, look out for further announcements. 

Question: What is a difficulty that you've come across in your life and how did you overcome it?

Name: Danai Kadzere 
Blog: Living, Learning, Eating (
Answer: I had a really hard time deciding between taking a well-paying, lucrative job offer in Miami after graduation or pursuing my dreams, but with much greater risk, on NYC. With the wncouragement of loved ones, I decided to pursue my passions and don't regret it. You're only young once and when you're in your early 20s a stable paycheck is generally not yet quite as essential to your happiness as being excited about your work!

Name: Kelechi Ohiri
Answer: One difficulty I've come across in life is learning to accept myself for exactly who I am and the way I was made. As a younger girl there was always something I wished I could change about myself. Some days I wanted to be shorter (I was the tallest in my class) and others I wanted to change the shape of my nose, etc. Learning to accept my body was no easy task but I did it by learning to take it easy on myself. I did things one step at a time and worked hard to make sure that I was excellent at the things I could control. Once I focused on my strengths and not what I thought were my weaknesses my entire outlook changed. Now, I love every single part of myself and it all happened because I was patient with myself. Everything else came with time.

Name: Zobia Alvi
Answer: One difficulty that I've come across in my life is when I first started doing website design and creating my first small business at 16 years old and no one that I surrounded myself with believed in me. It may have been seen as crazy for some of my family members and friends that I would devote so much time and money towards something that may or may not be successful. In business, you have to take many risks and have to listen to criticism that is not at all encouraging and just push it off so you could focus on being successful. I overcame this difficulty because at some point I realized that others cannot stop me from doing what I want to do and that the only person that can stop me is myself. I learned that there will always be people trying to distract you from climbing the ladder to success, but they cannot do anything if you keep climbing and refuse to look back.

Name: Tessa
Answer: The biggest difficulty I have come across in my life is accepting my body. As young women, we read articles, watch empowerment videos and see a whole lot of reality tv. This can really take a toll on how we view our bodies. I have always had a hard time accepting that I won't have that perfect Molly Sims flat tummy or that Kim K booty. I am who I am. Yes, I work out religiously and I maintain a very healthy lifestyle, but I can't change how I was created. I was always very active in high school and when I got to college and became a division 1 college cheerleader, being in little crop tops in front of thousands of people and on ESPN made things more difficult. Although I have not completely overcome this difficulty, I am working on it every day. I still work with trainers, I try not to finish the entire box of chocolates and I maintain friendships with people who could care less about what my body looks like! I have such a huge and amazing support system behind me that reminds me everyday, I am great no matter what. I don't need to meet anyone's "goals" or mental requirements except my own. We are all powerful women and we can all kick some serious a** if we put our minds to it.

Name: Nikki Vergakes
Answer: A difficulty I've faced in my life is balance. I love doing everything, but I feel like some things get the short end of the stick. I have two ways to deal with it. My first way of dealing with this is time management. My friends know me as the queen of time management. My second thing that help me if this quote: "Balance does not mean that everything gets equal attention, balance means that sometimes something gets more attention than something else, and vice versa.

Name: Sahar Sabati-Safai
Answer: When it comes to blogging, it has been very difficult to increase readership for a blog focused on topics heavier than most.  It is sometimes quite tempting to change the direction of the blog and set it straight in a genre that more easily attracts readers.  I considered doing this a couple of years ago, when my friends fashion blog reached the same number I had reached in three years in a mere four months.  But as I was working on rebranding my blog, I realised that I had forgotten why I had started it in the first place: to write about matters near and dear to me, not to achieve fame.  And so the urge passed, and I have been instead learning how to improve my writing, networking, and marketing skills.

Name: Lauren Douglass 
Answer: "One difficulty that I've had to overcome in life is moving to Arizona for college. Before my boyfriend moved to Arizona, I moved for college. Moving to a place where you know no one is very hard for an 18 year old. There are strangers, you're living with a stranger, and when your family goes back home you feel pretty alone. My roommate didn't stay in the dorm for the entire first month, needless to say we didn't have a great relationship. However, I did overcome this. It involved counseling with my college's counseling services but I also got involved around campus and talked to people in my class. I put myself out there and made friends. Once my boyfriend moved out to Arizona it was easier because I at least knew somebody from home and my life but I also had realized that Arizona is where I want to live beyond college. It was hard to overcome this challenge but I did and I'm now part of Her Campus ASU with some wonderful ladies, part of the Her Campus Blogger Network (where I found another Sun Devil) and my boyfriend and I have our cat Jingles! It may be a rough transition from high school to out-of-state college, but it does you no good to do wallow and sit by yourself! Put yourself out there! Make friends! Live while you're young!"

Name: Rebecca Pytell
Answer: One difficulty I came across was finding out I suffered from Celiac Disease right after my 13th birthday. It's already a difficult time (one year before high school) for a teen to get through, adding a newly found autoimmune disease could seem rather challenging. However, by learning about my disease right away and fulling embracing a new lifestyle of being 100% gluten-free (and vigilant about cross contamination and educating others to keep me safe), it became very easy to manage. Without this experience and life event, I don't know if I would have ever developed my love for cooking and blogging as much as I do now. I attribute my success as a blogger to having this disease and wanting to share with and help others like me (and with multiple food allergies or health issues) through the struggles and come out stronger, happier, and healthier!

Name: Sara Magnolia
Answer: After completing my first semester of college in Florida I was having serious doubts about whether or not I made the right decision choosing to attend a school that was 1,500 miles away from my home in Massachusetts. I wasn't making the right friends, I wasn't enjoying my classes, and I was ready to throw in the towel. I began the application process to transfer to a school that would be closer to home. I did not tell my friends at school about my decision, but I did communicate my frustration and homesickness to my Mom who encouraged me to tough it for the rest of the year. During the second semester of my freshmen year I was determined to have an awful time to justify my desire to transfer schools. Well fast forward to my sophomore year, I got involved over the summer as an orientation leader where I met a lot of upperclassmen whom I had never met before. It was like a breath of fresh air to meet other students outside of my freshmen circles (i.e. freshmen dorms and Gen. Ed. classes). From there I realized that my college experience was completely up to me. If I wanted to love the school I was at it was all up to me to change my attitude and my outlook. I needed to have an open mind! From that point on I made a conscious decision to change my attitude and my experience changed as a result. I made so many new friends, I changed my major to one that I LOVE, I joined a sorority and a handful of other organizations as well. Now, as a senior who will be graduating in less than a month I am extremely glad that I chose to stay. I have grown to love my University and the organizations that helped to shape me into the person that I am now. 

Name: Quynh Nguyen
Answer: A challenge I have faced throughout my life was feeling lost. Lost to a point where I didn’t know how to move forward or what I wanted to do with myself. I wanted to develop a mindset that would help me look past challenges without it taking a toll on my well-being. The past years I struggled with unhealthy weight-loss and struggled to maintain the healthy body weight my doctors told me I needed to be. I was as low as 97lbs. Without going into too much detail, a lot of my adversities dealt with family, friends and my own character. It all built up for years, trapped in a bottle and when it finally bursted sadness was hard to overcome.

     What helped me get through these truly dark times in my life were the times I spent laying on my bed alone crying and asking myself, “How can I get through this? Is this out of my control?” As I kept doing this over and over, inevitably I found myself crying less. When I was finally able to be in a situation where it no longer affected me the same way it did before, there was no more need to cry for things I could not control. I was called a cry-baby, but guess what? I’m damn proud to be the confident and happy person that people know me as. Getting through this difficult challenge of feeling lost and helpless may have been easier talking to a friend or a therapist (as my doctor suggested), but what for? I wanted to empower myself with the ability to heal on my own without relying on others to tell me it’s okay, be silent, and simply tell me I’m overreacting.

     In reality, we all go through some kind of struggle. But the gift we have is the ability to choose how we respond to it. It won’t come easy but it takes practice and a lot of mistakes to learn from. Focus on developing. For every negative there is always a positive. 

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