Monday, March 16, 2015

Tips For Finals Week

Monday, March 16, 2015
For some of us, finals are coming up! As for me, it's already my Summer break. Let me give you some of the things that I did last week that helped me study for finals and still be able to do my other priorities!

#1: Never Be Sleep Deprived.
Sleeping is an important key to be able to think properly for your finals the next day. Cramming your lesson until 2am will not exactly help since none of the lessons will be absorbed into your head! So make sure to catch up on your Z's.

#2: Eat Healthier Snacks, Never Skip Meals.
According to research, eating healthy snacks will help you think properly whilst studying and it can help you too on the exam itself if you eat healthy foods during breaks and all of the meals of the day. Also, make sure to never skip any of the meals of the day, it always helps you think! 

#3: Close All Your Gadgets and Place It Somewhere Hidden! 
If you're like most people, you're easily distracted by your gadgets. So I've created a simple solution to stay focused for studying on your finals! I suggest that you shut down all your gadgets and place it in different cabinets or some place closed that's far away from the desk you're studying on.

#4: Stay In An Organized Place.
For me, I just CANNOT and I mean, CANNOT study whenever I'm staying in a messy place. I literally have to re-organize it so that I'll be able focus. So if you're like me, just organize your desk whenever you're free. Sort your materials into different places so that when you look for it, it would be easier to find. More time for studying! Yay! 

#5: Take Breaks In Between Subjects.
Set a timer for about 5-10 minutes and just wake yourself up! Wash your face, treat yourself (maybe eat your favorite healthy dessert, or anything relaxing of course! But never use breaks to play with your gadgets, unless of course, it's about research!) 

#6: Start With The Easiest Subject/The Subject You Like The Most.
Whenever I do this, it just seems more effective. I'm more motivated and I can just start the study session right! 

#7: Set A Time For Each Subject 
Well of course you don't have the whole day to study for your exams, you still have other priorities! So, set a timer for each subject, allot maybe 2 hours for each subject. Although, depending on the difficulty of it.

Well, that's all the tips I have for now. Good luck to all of those taking their finals! Hope these tips have helped.

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