Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Life In Letters

Saturday, February 21, 2015
A is for Arts
Growing up, I've always liked art and I've taken tons of Art classes whenever there's no school.

is for Businesswoman 
I've always wanted to become a businesswoman! 

is for Cinema
Whenever there's a good movie in cinemas, I'd usually watch it with my family and we'd always buy popcorn with soda. I love the feeling.

is for Dogs
I currently have two dogs right now. Namely, Pam and Clover. Pam is a Shit Tzu and Clover is a mix of Maltese and Yorkie! 

E is for Editing
I always love editing things, especially when it comes to editing things in my blog! 

is for Food
Food is love, food is life... (Hahaha lol)

is for Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl is one of my favorite TV series' at the moment.

is for Harry Potter
My favorite movie series that I watched all at once during Summer 13'! 

is for Internet 
I've probably spent most of my life on the internet by now...

is for Jokes
I've always loved reading good jokes or making corny jokes :-) 

is for Kathrynne
That's me! 

is for Left Handed
I'm left handed and ever since, it's been quite hard since all the books, notebooks and tables supported right handed people! Also, whenever I'm writing something beside a right handed person, we always end up bumping each other. 

is for Music
I've always loved Music! It comforts me a lot whenever I feel down.

is for New Posts
I always love creating new content for my readers and whenever I see that they like it, I'm inspired. 

is for Opportunities 
Throughout my life, I've recieved lots of opportunities. It always reminds me to never waste an opportunity! 

is for Photographs
Capturing moments in my life are the best. Since, when I grow older, I can see memories! 

is for Quotes
Quotes are a big part of my life, they inspire me to do better! 

is for Reading 
I've never really liked reading (Sadly) but there are times when I'm reading a good book, I could spend hours and hours reading it without breaks.

is for Sherlock 
My favorite TV series at the moment, I'm still waiting for Season 4 though huhu :'(

is for Travelling 
Every Summer vacation, or any break, my family and I travel to different places to discover new people, new cultures and many new things! 

U is for Understanding Family & Friends
Without my family and friends, I wouldn't be the same person I am today.

V is for Victoria 
That's my second name! :-) 

W is for Wizards Of Waverly Place 
One of my favorite Disney shows back then.

X is for XOXO
Hugs and kisses to all my readers! 

Y is for Youtube 
I don't make videos on Youtube, but then, I like watching different Youtubers make their content! One of my favorite Youtubers is Zoella, she is the one who inspired me to create this current blog. 

Z is for Zzzzz
I like catching some Z's, because, who doesn't want to rest? 

Hello everyone! Did you notice my new blog design? Hope you like my new blog design and this post! :-)

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