Saturday, December 27, 2014

Things To Do On The Airplane

Saturday, December 27, 2014
Hello everyone! Today I will be giving you guys things to do on the airplane whenever you're bored since a friend requested it. Although, I'm only putting a few because honestly I don't really do anything else aside from these things. 

#1 Sleep
After the whole trip to the airport and all the things you had to do there too, you might be really tired so why not just rest? 

#2 Watch a Movie
 If you have those screens in front of you (which would be really great if you have a long flight!) you should watch a movie that you might like.

#3 Talk To The Person Beside You
The person beside me is usually my mom  or dad, meaning I usually talk to them during the flight. But then if its a stranger, I don't talk at all. Although, if you want to make new friends, why not? 

#4 Eat
Who doesn't like eating? 

#5 Play Games
You should try playing the games on the screen other than just watching movies. It's kind of a good way to play with the other passengers since they're usually playing too! It's usually lots of fun!

#6 Read
Pull out your book and relax!

Hope you enjoyed that post! Watch out later and I will be posting something! It's a surprise! :-)

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