Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reasons To Be Thankful

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
#1 You Wake Up Everyday
If you're sad, think about it, it's a new day and a new start. So much possibilities could happen, make the most of it, do not let sadness come in your way!

#2 The Internet 
Without the internet, you wouldn't be able to connect with people, and we wouldn't be able to watch Youtube to amuse us, or Twitter to share our thoughts.

#3 Food
Food makes me happy. Especially when it's my comfort food we're talking about.

#4 Your Home
Home is a place where you could be sad, happy, excited and etc. So be happy since you have one, remember others do not have a home, be thankful.

#5 Loving Family and Friends
Family and friends always helps you whenever you need help or simply celebrate joy with you.

#6 Weekends 
We all have school stresses, and weekends have basically saved you. It's like two days of relaxation!

#7 Vacations
Who doesn't enjoy a long period of time of relaxation and fun?

#8 Songs
Songs just instantly make me feel better when I have a bad day.

#9 Movie Marathons
I love movie marathons so much. That is all.

Ok, hope you enjoyed this post! Hopefully a new post by Saturday! BTW, did you notice my new blog title? ;-) Anyways, comment down below the reasons you are thankful!

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