Sunday, November 2, 2014

New World Hotel Makati + Update

Sunday, November 2, 2014
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted lately! Huhu, but hey, I'm back from the dead now! :-) 

So let me give you an update on how my sem break's gone by, I had one unproductive sem break. I only went to the malls on weekends. For Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, I had to study on those days (sadly, we had assignments and quizzes) BUT! I also got to watch Gossip Girl so yay! For wednesday, it was fun, I went to a friend's house. On Friday, instead of going trick or treating, I went somewhere else and picked up my new glasses. Yesterday, I went to my grandparent's house for a couple of hours to eat lunch. Afterwards, we went to New World Hotel Makati, which brings me to the second part of this blog post.

I didn't take much pictures but I had really relaxing and fun stay. Also, I forgot to photograph the hotel room (huhu) 

Anyway, here is a photo of the lobby.

This is what I had for dinner in the hotel room, club sandwich! It was dee-lish!

My mom had the salad, which she says was pretty good too.

After dinner, I watched some more gossip girl then I went to bed. When I woke up, it was my birthday! (Which is today, November 2nd) I went to the breakfast place, then we went up afterwards to pack our bags and check out. Overall, it was a great stay! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

xo, ky 

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