Friday, October 3, 2014

A Typical Long Weekend

Friday, October 3, 2014
Hi guys! So last Thursday we had a half day and from Friday until Monday we had no school! So of course, we were all happy and all but then unfortunately; we had finals week coming up! :-( Good luck to all of the students out there by the way! But anyways, here are the various things I've done this weekend (aside from studying) :( 

Last Thursday night; my family and I went to Robinsons Magnolia mall and went to this amazing restaurant called "Yabu: The House Of Katsu" I really love it there! I ordered the rice with chicken toppings (I'm not really sure what its called hihi) But after dinner, I was so satisfied!

Last Friday, I went to Fisher Mall with my mom's friend's daughters and we ate at Gerry's Grill! (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the moment) We just had our dice game.  After, we had dessert at Cold Layers Cafe and I ordered the chocolate snow ice. It was great!

Last Friday night, we decided to stay home but I made s'mores! I kind of had my own recipe, I used the travel cookies + peanut butter and of course, the marshmallows! I put it in the oven for 10 minutes and at 150 degrees celcius. They are just the!!

Sadly, I was stuck at home last Saturday (aka yesterday) But, earlier today I went to Torch Restaurant with my family in Greenhills and ordered Bacon and Eggs! It just made my day 1000x better!

I know this isn't food related but on Sunday afternoon, I went to my grandparent's house (like usual Sundays) and I played the piano with my cousin! :) But before and after that we didn't do much haha #LazySundays 

The long weekend isn't over yet but on Monday, I'll be studying huhu :( 

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Please comment down below if you want more posts like this!

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