Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How To Be More Patient

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Sometimes, we've all been in that REALLY horrible mood and just want that thing back, or do something we've been wanting to do since forever!

So today, I'll try to list down some tips on how to keep patient! :-)

Keep Yourself Occupied 
If you keep yourself occupied with a book, talking to your friend, watching a movie or just simply take a nap will most likely help you forget about your sort of "goal" for a little while ONLY because most likely your goal obsessions won't be healthy anymore since you still need space in that brain for other things in life.

Think Of Little Ways To Reach That Big Goal Of Yours
If the first tip really can't help you, then just think of little ways to get to your goal, it will give you the fulfillment of feeling like you're almost there and it satisfies your impatience for a little.

How's your week been going? Mine's been going great! E-mail me on how your week's been going, tell me your problems, if you need help, let's have a little chat! :-) x ky

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