Thursday, August 28, 2014

How To Stay Positive

Thursday, August 28, 2014

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There'll always be those negative people, who just bring you down in whatever you do. I know, I've experienced this a lot. I mean, everyone has experienced this.

So today, I'll try to help you think more positively.

Try to not be affected of what people say
There are just times that you're proud of your achievements and people try everything of their will to make you feel like that wasn't even good at all, I've had A LOT of experience with these shall I say, competitive people. Due to my experience with these people, I learned that I don't have to prove myself to ALWAYS be the better one. I try to be happy with what I've achieved and what I've worked hard for. I'm not saying that you just go for what's kind of shallow. I'm just saying that at some point, you should achieve happiness, and tell yourself I tried my best and this is what I deserve. Plus, if you have lower self-esteem because of the words these people have said, they will feel good and a winner about it and they'll do it again most likely.

Look at the bright side
A common saying when you're at your worst times.
Honestly, if you really looked at the bright side this'll always help!
This is because, when you're in a horrible situation that you just think cannot get worse, it actually has a bright side and when you think of it. It just might be a blessing in disguise! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I hope it helped you :)

Please message me if I've committed a grammatical mistake; my e-mail is in my "about me" page, But please do not be rude in messaging me! Thanks for reading this blog post, have a great day!

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