Friday, August 22, 2014

How To Find Happiness

Friday, August 22, 2014
Happiness actually depends on the beholder.

So I'm not sure if my tips will help everyone since these are just general.

But I hope these little tips will help you:

1. Talk To Your Friends
In your saddest times, telling your friends your problem will always help. They will always give advise and this also gives you the chance to know who are your real friends.

2. Watch Comedy
Whether it's in a book, Youtube or your TV. Laughter will help you forget your problems.

3. Eat Your Fave Food
This just makes me forget my sadness.

4. Getting 8 Hugs A Day
It's proven that hugging makes people happier and healthier.

(Learn more at:

5. Looking Back At Your Happiest Memories
This has honestly been the most helpful tip for me. It just reminds me that life can be better and there's still a tomorrow. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Watch out for my travel post later! This idea was suggested by my friend Marie Entao! :) 

Please message me if I've committed a grammatical mistake; my e-mail is in my "about me" page, But please do not be rude in messaging me! Thanks for reading this blog post, have a great day!

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