Wednesday, August 20, 2014

6 Things On My Bucket List

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
A bucket list; a list of things you'd like to accomplish before you die.

So today, I'll be sharing with you 6 things from my bucket list!

1. Go Sky Diving
Wouldn't it be great to feel like flying?

2. Go Snowboarding 
Just sliding through the snow :)

3. Go Mountain Hiking
I bet the view will be great!

4. Swim With Dolphins
Why not have a new swimming buddy?

5. Travel the world
I think it would be great to just see different cultures, views and etc.

6. Go camping in the woods
Just to get away from technology for a little bit...

I'm so sorry this blog post was quite short but the next post will be a surprise! :)

Please message me if I've committed a grammatical mistake; my e-mail is in my "about me" page, But please do not be rude in messaging me! Thanks for reading this blog post, have a great day!

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